Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top & Bottom of 2007 - #2

Children of Men (2006)
The camera work in this film is exquisite; the scenes containing the greatest dramatic tension are each played out in a single shot. In a world where women have lost the ability to give birth, civilization decays as humanity dies out. And then Theo (Clive Owen) meets a pregnant woman and must find a way to bring her to safety to where her baby will be cared for and not exploited. There are many wonderful, beautiful moments in this film, but the one that stands above the others, and impacted me the most emotionally, is one in which Theo escorts the newborn baby and her mother through a crowded apartment building, past soldiers and guerilla fighters alike, all stunned in amazement at hearing the sound of a baby’s cry for the first time in almost 20 years.

The Three Caballeros (1944)
Where is the story in this mess? All I got out of it was Donald Duck lusts after human women. That and people in Brazil and Mexico do nothing but party all day. The two shorts at the beginning were fun, but had nothing to do with the rest of the film.


Randall Knutson said...

I'm kind of surprised by your pick of Children of Men, especially when you criticize Three Caballeros of having no plot (I haven't seen it). I found the plot of Children of Men to be incredibly weak and the distrust of the government bizarre. The whole idea that we can't let the govt know about the baby because we don't like or trust them so we have to get it to this secretive group that we don't really know anything about and aren't even sure if they exist just didn't work for me.

I've liked most of your picks but I have to disagree with this one. I will give it props for camera work though. As a "Best of" it fell very short for me.

luminarumbra said...

Haha, I remember The Three Caballeros. My brother and I liked the first two shorts, but then it really does turn into a lusty acid trip. There was something with cactus that amused us in there, but the rest was... weird.

I remember thinking some of the dancing was pretty cool when I was young, too, though my favorite part was the little documentary bit at the beginning. Go figure. We loved those documentaries....