Monday, January 15, 2007

Improbable Moment of the Week II

Deleting a database in 60 seconds or less

Yes, I know, this is the second one of the day, but FOX aired two episodes on Sunday, so I had to do one per episode. Expect two more after Monday night's two episodes. There is no way Sandra Palmer could delete an entire database of names in the amount of time she did. It would take me that long just to find the database. Even if they had top-of-the-line equipment at the facility (which is highly doubtful) it would still take several minutes for the information to be deleted and "shredded." And really, her actions are rather futile considering there would be backup systems, archives, a duplicate copy at the Washington DC office, not to mention that a large amount of the information is probably available in hard copy form in a bunch of filing cabinets in the back room.


Randall Knutson said...

As a computer guy I can say that you are dead on for this one. Not only is it nearly impossible to delete the files that quickly, but they would definitely have backups somewhere, not to mention paper copies somewhere.

Of course most of the computer stuff in 24 is ridiculous. The whole, "Open a port to this place or that" is actually quite laughable. They are making things way more difficult than they are.

Not to mention, most of the stuff that they do with computers to pull up information in, um, like 20 seconds, would take a special computer program designed to do it and even then it would take half a day just to RUN!

I guess they have really, REALLY good computer people there.

Herch said...

At least in season one heavy computer work actually took a lengthy amount of time. The first time we saw Milo he was called in to decode a keycard, and it took him multiple episodes to get it done. I think overall the makers of 24 have forgotten the concept of suspense.

Dave Evans said...

I usually like Regina King, but her part in this show is bugging me. No need for her.