Friday, January 19, 2007

Improbable Moment of the Week IV

I already speak English, what else is there?

Walid is the head (of some sort) of a Muslim-American advocacy group, and yet does not know even a smattering of Arabic? The Qur'an is in Arabic. He probably has to deal with people every day whose first language is Arabic and may not speak English very well. He should at least be able to say phrases like "Hello," "Where's the Gent's?" and "My hat is brown." But it really doesn't matter that he doesn't know Arabic, after all a random person at CTU does.


Dave Evans said...

I love this show, and I know it is entertainment, but there are certains things that drive me nuts on this show. This whole Walid story line can end if you ask me.

Dave Evans said...

If you dont already, you should check out Prison Break. Some pretty unrealistic stuff ont hat show as well.