Monday, August 17, 2009

My 2009 Movie Odyssey - Part V

The Thing (1982)
This film exists solely to see a gross monster eat people and get destroyed in a myriad of gruesome ways.

Spielberg on Spielberg (2007)
A must-see for fans of Steven Spielberg, this documentary features an hour and a half of Spielberg talking about his movies.

Persepolis (2007)
While visually interesting, the story loses steam two-thirds of the way through as the main character is unable to feel at home in either Europe or her native Iran.

The Reader (2008)
I would say I liked it better when they called it Sophie’s Choice, but I wasn’t terribly fond of Sophie’s Choice either.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
It was funnier, happier, more engaging, and had much more truth to it when they called it Forrest Gump.

Coming up next: a classic sci-fi flick and a classic stinker.

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